Essential Package Includes:

12 Active Players Blasters & Masks for 12 players, rotating through 16 players
1.5 Hour Game Time Unlimited ammo and Crew to coordinate the fun!
Field of Bunkers Set up to feel like a real paintball course
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  Essential Gel Tag Party Package

           What To Expect

- A party like you have never seen before, we bring all excitment and fun to you!


- Each party includes a Referee to set up the field, cordinate the games, reload ammo, and tear down.  You sit back and enjoy all the laughs, or join the fun!


- Equipment to organize the utlimate battlefield, including bunkers, eye protection, ammo, blasters, and MUSIC!


- A variety of different games to play so the fun never ends!



Essential Gel Tag Party Package
Essential Gel Tag Party Package

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There's no party like a Gel Tag party!

Get ready to experience the ulitmate Gel Tag adventure with Full Send Gel Tag!

 We take party rentals to a whole new level with our incredible Gel Blasters.  These Blasters shoot biodegrable, water based gel balls that leave behind no mess.  Don't be fooled by how enviromently friendly they are - these Gel balls pack some fun!
With our Gel Blasters, the fun nevers stops. The soft Gel balls bounce off kids or simply disintegrate upon impact, leaving no stains, no mess, and very little sting.  Say goodbye to the hassle of constantly reloading with ammo off the floor like the Nerf guns.  Our Blasters hold a whopping 700 shots without the need to reload.  Just pull the trigger and let the excitiment unfold!
Even the youngest warriors can join in on the action.  Our Gel Blasters ae easy to use, making it  breeze for 5-year-old kids to join in on the Gel Tag fn.  So gather your squad, gear up with our state-of-the-art Blasters, and get ready for an adrenaline-pumping Gel Tag experience like no other.
  It's time to unleash your inner warrior and become the champion of the Gel Tag field!

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