Nerf Battles

The Ultimate Battle Prepare for the ultimate battle. Its games with the Nerf Blasters you know and love, taken up a level with an ultimate battlefield setup.
Battle Field Local park, or your backyard filled with bunkers to create a battle field
Gear Variety of Nerf blasters, eye googles, abundance of Nerf Darts
Fun for EVERYONE Includes 20 players
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  Nerf Battles

Nerf Battle

- Variation of Nerf Blasters

- Abundance of darts

- Field of Bunkers

-1.5 hr game time

- 16 Players on the field

(rotating through 20 players)

- Referee to cordinate games

-Music to pump up the fun

Nerf Battles
Nerf Battles

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What To Expect

- A party like you have never seen before, we bring all excitment and fun to you!
- Each party includes a Referee to set up the field, cordinate the games, reload ammo, and tear down.  You sit back and join the fun, or enjoy all the laughs.
- Equipment to organize the utlimate battlefield, including bunkers, eye protection, ammo, blasters, and MUSIC!
- A variety of different games to play so the fun never ends!


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